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Christine is a literary editor and owner of Write for Success Editing Services. In 2020, one of her picture books won first place in the children’s/YA category at the San Francisco Writer’s Conference and another won fourth place in Writer’s Digest’s Annual Writing Competition. In 2019 and 2017, her picture books won Honorable Mention Awards in Writer’s Digest’s Annual Writing Competitions. She has been published in Highlights and High Five magazines.


From 2015–2016, she was the managing co-editor of and writer for SCBWI’s Kite Tales. She still contributes select interviews and writes their quarterly “Ask an Editor” column. Christine is a children’s book reviewer for Good Reads with Ronna.


Her education includes a master’s degree in English literature with a specialization in children’s literature. She lives in Los Angeles, California, with her family.

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A Brief History of Underpants

Illustrated By: Harry Briggs

From bloomers to boxers, everyone wears underwear! One part humor, one part history, A Brief History of Underpants explores the evolution of fashion's most unmentionable garment.

Gain a whole new understanding of underthings as you:

  • Learn which ruler was buried with over 100 pairs of underwear.

  • Discover how people kept their underclothes from falling off before elastic was invented.

  • Find out why some underwear was made from feathers.

  • And much, much more!

Zany illustrations add to the humor, and step-by-step instructions teach real dyeing and washing techniques used hundreds of years ago. Interact with the topic directly by turning the reveal wheel on the front cover to see underwear evolve through the ages.

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