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Mojdeh and Samira are a mother-daughter writing duo from Long Island, New York. Mojdeh immigrated from Iran with her family as a child, and much of her and Samira’s inspiration comes from the wonderful memories of her youth in Tehran. Mojdeh has been a teacher for over 30 years, and educating new generations of children and spending time with her family are her passions. Samira works as an Associate Art Director for the Macmillan Children's Publishing Group and, when she’s not creating book covers, loves crafting stories with her mom (and a few of her own too!).

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Mama Shamsi at the Bazaar

Little Samira loves playing in her grandmother's chador—it's where she feels the most safe and loved. But when Mama Shamsi takes Samira to the busy bazaar she can't seem to get Samira to let go! What tricks will Samira try to hide in the chador? And will she learn to finally find her own way before they reach the bazaar?

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