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Writer, teacher, mother, wife, poet, storyteller, Patti Richards has spent more than 25 years spinning yarns and telling tales. She writes fiction, nonfiction, and poetry and has three nonfiction books published as well as several poems and stories in children’s magazines. Patti is a freelance writer and editor and loves helping other writers hone their skills through her critique services. She lives in southeast Michigan with her husband, Gene (their adult children come in and out regularly)!

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Mrs. Noah

Finally, the other side of the ark story! Mrs. Noah knows it takes more than wood, nails, and a hammer to make a comfy home. Can she help Noah see that love is in the details and get his help before the animals come and the rain starts to fall? Mrs. Noah is a celebration of love, the motivation behind all the amazing things people do to make a house a home, even a floating one! A fun, funny, and new perspective on a well-known Bible story for children ages 4 to 8.

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