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How We Snagged Our Book Deals: Pitch Events!

With #PitMad coming up on Twitter on December 3rd, we wanted to share hope and inspiration with picture book writers. In our 2021 debut group of picture book authors, FOUR of us found success by participating in a Twitter pitch event!

Check out their insights below, then consider fine-tuning your pitch, posting it, and participating in the event throughout the day. Who knows? With a little bit of luck, the editor or agent of your dreams might be looking in just the right spot at just the right time at just the right combination of words to prompt them to hit that HEART button. Good luck! You’ll find rules on the upcoming #PitMad at this link.

Bella’s Recipe for Success by Ana Siqueria and illustrated by Geraldine Rodriguez (July 2021) found interest from a Beaming Books editor during #PitMad. Ana says she loves working with her editor, and received an offer for publication within a month of submitting it after the event. Check out the pitch she used! It follows a recommended pattern with a named character + problem + take away, with a comp title.

Bella quits everything she (barely) tries because she’s not the best at it: her backflips = giraffes rolling downhill & her dulce de leche frosting = cocodrilo skin. She must learn it’s okay to try again or she won’t be good @ anything. #PB kids who “Heart” the Most Mag Thing. #pitmad.

A Girl’s Bill of Rights by Amy B. Mucha and illustrated by Addy Rivera Sonda (Feb 2021) also got the attention of an editor from Beaming Books in #PitMad in June 2019. When asked about the experience, Amy wrote:

I had never queried this book before, and only pitched it during the #PitMad Twitter pitch event as a lark, never thinking anything would come of it. I'd heard publishers only wanted picture books with strong characters and well-developed narrative arcs, and this book has neither. It goes to show that you've got to take risks and occasionally lob stuff out there - you never know what's going to stick to the wall.

Rainbow Boy by Taylor Rouanzion and illustrated by Stacey Chomiak (Jan 2021) also garnered the attention of an editor at Beaming Books. She suggests that gaining comments from fellow authors might have helped in the 2019 #DVPit event. Check out her pitch below.

A gender-nonconforming boy + a mom’s love + a sprinkle of magic = RAINBOW BOY, a #PB for toddlers/preschoolers about a world of colors and how much better life is with all of them—and all of us.

A Brief History of Underpants by Christine Van Zandt and illustrated by Harry Briggs will be published by Quarto Kids in April 2021. It found interest from its editor during #PitMad. When asked for advice, Christine writes:

Participate in a workshop group that meets routinely. It will motivate you to write and revise. You'll get essential feedback from fellow writers, be able to sharpen your skills as a critique partner, and you'll share the journey with your workshop-group friends.

Follow our group on Twitter @21fortheBooks and Instagram @21fortheBooks for latest news, information, events, and giveaways.


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