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S. K. Wenger is an award-winning writer and teacher who enjoys the warmth of sunshine while hiking, swimming, and gardening. With roots in the woods and lakes of New Hampshire, she’s lived in northern Utah for nearly thirty years where the mountains have provided a beautiful backdrop for raising three children with her husband. As a writer who loves weaving science-y tidbits into stories with humor and heart, she is delighted to share her first picture book.

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Chicken Frank, Dinosaur!

Illustrated By: Jojo Ensslin

In this quirky tale with a STEM foundation, Chicken Frank wants to convince his barnyard friends that he is a dinosaur. Cluckity-roar! But when results of a DNA test inspire Frank to hold a family reunion with alligators, will Frank become a tasty chicken nugget?


Chicken Frank, Dinosaur! offers a perfect blend of humor and information in its exploration of evolution, extinction, and scientific debate.


This comic-book style picture book will appeal to dinosaur and animal lovers everywhere.

Chicken Frank, Dinosaur_CVR.jpeg
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