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Tina Athaide is an educator and writer. She lives in Southern California with her husband and daughter and is the author of the middle-grade book Orange for the Sunsets. She has calmed her hurly burly hullabaloo with mindfulness, but it often needs reminding to slow down and breathe.

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Meena's Mindful Moment

Illustrated By: Asa Gilland

Meena is excited to visit Dada and explore all the exciting sights and sensations of his home with him. But Meena has so much energy, it becomes a whole imaginary character she calls her hurly-burly hullabaloo. Wherever Meena goes, her hurly-burly hullabaloo goes too. Together they’re never calm, as they run and cartwheel and make a lot of noise!


But when Meena makes a mess, her grandfather is there to teach her how to handle it with deep breaths and meditative poses―after all, he has a hurly-burly hullabaloo too.

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